BIM: Where the Physical and Digital Meet

Fabulous to see the scaffold coming down in our latest project in the Dublin Airport Business Park! Building Information Modeling (BIM) replaces traditional construction plans and has revolutionized the construction industry! BIM is a complex technology, which has potential benefits, its integration of the design teams, main contractors and sub-contractors requiring a substantial level of detail, leadership and persistence as well as careful planning! For centuries, designers have relied on two-dimensional physical representations of buildings to translate the ideas in their heads into actionable plans. When the advent of digital computing altered how nearly every profession on earth does its work, Building Information Modeling, more commonly known as BIM, allows designers to bring those plans into the third dimension. BIM software creates and stores information and shares it with other data-driven software, making it useful in not only design, but also production planning, manufacturing, quality control, storage, shipment and even tracking issues in the field. In this case it was used also to produce the marketing brochure images & look how close it resemble the reality! hashtagBIM hashtagrevit# hashtagB&Ccontractors hashtagairport hashtagconstruction hashtagmeehan